GYM Membership

Any Post 16 student wanting to join the gym will need to fill out the forms below and book an induction.

A reminder of the protocol for Post 16 gym use:

  • Anyone in Post 16 can use the gym facilities (not the relaxation suite or exercise classes) free of charge during the school day, when on free periods
  • This is a privilege and not a right
  • The main Fitness Suite is available to all and can be used from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday - Friday during term time only. The Weights Room may not be used by members of the Post 16 without gaining permission in advance from the Leisure Centre Manager.
  • If anyone wants to use the gym outside of these hours, they are entitled to a 50% discount on normal membership rates. This full membership costs £182.50 per year or £18.25 a month on a Direct Debit and includes access to relaxation suite and exercise classes, but NOT the sunbed. 
  • Only six non-paying post-16s may use the gym at any one time.
  • We expect anyone using the gym to adhere to established etiquette and behave in an adult manner. Anyone being disruptive / noisy etc will be stopped from using the facilities
  • We will also withdraw access to these benefits, if so requested by other members of school staff.

One last thing…

Every year, we have a number of students who book inductions and fail to show up, without letting us know. Any students who do this will go to the back of the queue and will not have another opportunity until all the new Post 16 members who want to use the gym have had their inductions. We also reserve the right to charge for any wasted time at the standard induction rate of £13.50.