Power Hour


18.30 - 19.30

Welcome to Power Hour – where an hour is all it takes to unleash your full potential! Get ready for an exhilarating journey through a dynamic interval class that combines the best of cardio, bodyweight exercises, and strength training, all carefully curated to cater to every fitness level.

In this high-energy class, we've crafted a power-packed routine designed to push your limits and elevate your fitness to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness beginner, our expert instructors ensure that each exercise is adaptable, ensuring everyone gets the most out of every moment.

Embrace the intensity as you move through a series of heart-pumping cardio exercises, empowering bodyweight movements, and muscle-sculpting strength exercises. The variety keeps things exciting and challenges your body in new and invigorating ways.

This isn't just a workout; it's an energising experience that will leave you feeling accomplished and revitalised. As you power through each interval, you'll be amazed at what your body is capable of achieving.

Join us for an Hour of Power that goes beyond the ordinary workout routine. Elevate your fitness journey with a class that not only challenges your physical limits but also boosts your mental resilience. Get ready to sweat, smile, and conquer your fitness goals – because at Power Hour, we believe in the extraordinary power within you!