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The Marsh Academy

Enrichment Opportunities

The Marsh Academy Enrichment Programme is designed to offer both academic and non-academic opportunities to enrich and extend pupils across all Key Stages. We encourage all of our students to access a wide range of activities, both within the school and wider communities, and recognise achievements across the year through Marsh accreditation.

Participation in the enrichment curriculum is compulsory for Year 7 students and optional for years 8 to 10. Year 11 students will embark on a revision programme from the start of the academic year. There will be a later bus leaving at 4:15pm on Tuesdays only for any students travelling to Hamstreet/Aldington/Ashford with L&I or the outlying villages with R&J.

Enrichment Activities Term 3

Enrichment Activities Within the Community

Marsh Academy Leisure Centre