Our Ethos & Values

Value the Individual

  • Serve the needs of every local child irrespective of ability, need or background
  • Value uniqueness and promote diversity and difference
  • Create a personalised, broad, balanced and inspirational curriculum for all

Achieve Potential

  • Strengthen transferrable skills for developing spirit and character
  • Expect and support excellent academic progress for all
  • Foster a growth mindset for all with high reaching aspirations

Prepare for the Future

  • Broaden life experiences at every opportunity
  • Provide a school experience rooted in professionalism
  • Deliver a relentless focus on preparation for future careers and life

Enhance the Community

  • Produce citizens to add value to the academy, local and global community
  • Cultivate an academy based around mutual respect and moral purpose
  • Sustain the academy’s place as the hub of the community