Mondays 17.45 - 18.30

09.15 - 10.00

20.00 - 20.45

Wednesdays 19.00 - 19.45

A class suitable for all individuals regardless of their fitness level; if you're a newbie to spinning, let the instructor know so they can ensure your bike is suitably adjusted and can also give you a rundown on the movements and positions used. During this 45 minute class, you control the resistance of your bike enabling you to work at your own pace, but with the energetic music and the motivation of the instructor, you will find it easy to push yourself to your limits!!! With no complicated choreographed moves, Spinning is a great way to get fit and to reach your fitness goals.

Just hop on one of our bikes, set the necessary resistance to a suitable level and let your instructor guide you through an incredible ride. Spinning is a great way to get a vigorous workout -- burning calories, up to 675kcals and keeping your muscles in shape


Benefits of Spinning

  • An effective workout for all ages and abilities
  • Varied routines keep things fresh and fun
  • Bikes adaptable to suit your fitness level
  • Great improvements in cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased toning for the thighs and glutes.