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The Marsh Academy

The Hub

The Hub is our central area for mental health and intervention programmes. It is based near the main reception and houses a room for external agencies to use with students. It also includes spaces for our safeguarding and mental health teams to meet with parents and students. 

The Hub's Staff



External Support offered in The Hub

Purple oct

Purple Octopus comprises of PTSD specialists and trauma release therapists who provide our students with a 12-week individualised trauma support therapy programme. These take place on a weekly basis. In-between sessions, our young people check in with the safeguarding/mental health team.

DareDare to Differ deliver targeted, award winning, interventions to our students – these are weekly sessions and tend to be a minimum of 6 weeks. Dare to Differ give students practical goals and targets, alongside inclusive tools and support.

SalusProject Salus offer a diverse range of programmes (including emotional regulation, e-safety, healthy relationships) to support the needs of young people who may benefit from specialist or focus support.  Depending on the need these can be delivered to students as 1:1 or in small group.


Mind and Body support young people who may be struggling with their emotional wellbeing.  They work with a specific year group who are asked to complete an online survey.  From this they select students they feel will benefit from taking part in project and will arrange 1:1 meetings with these students.  Those that wish to take part with small group work are able to do so. 

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We were approached by South Kent Mind as a school as they were aware of our work in the field of mental health to work in collaboration with them to run a pilot project with funding sourced by South Kent Mind. Students from Year 10 and 12 have volunteered to work with South Kent Mind to become ambassadors for Mental Health and Resilience.  The project has been funded by the Co-Op and will run until October 2022 with this group of students. The Marsh Academy is one of only two school running this project across the southeast.  


The overall aim of the project is to send students to support the community as ambassadors in matters of mental health and resilience.  Students will not be working directly with people who have mental health issues, but instead share resources and methods of maintaining good mental health and building resilience. They will deliver presentations to local businesses, schools and charities as spokespeople for the initiative giving a young persons’ perspective on mental health issues.  The support comes in the form of directing people to fully trained professionals, self help websites as well as teaching people some very helpful methods of improving and preventing low mood which can lead to mental health concerns through sharing resources which they have created. 

Ambassador Training 

As part of their training students have undergone a series of workshops delivered by South Kent mind on a weekly basis which cover issues such as understanding anxiety, healthy relationships and how food can affect mood and concentration. The sessions have been delivered by mental health professionals linked to the South Kent Mind Charity. The two leaders have been fantastic at coaching and encouraging our students in the sessions and have built some very strong relationships, proved by the fantastic outcomes.  Training will continue through until the Autumn of 2022.  


Since the launch in the autumn term 2021, our ambassadors have now taken part in their first outreach activity. Our students’ work and resources were used as part of the Young Person’s Community Safety Conference on Tuesday 26th April.  The work was presented to over 600 delegates at the conference and introduced by Sophie, one of our Year 12 students from the stage. South Kent mind have also used a number of our students to create pieces to camera about their roles and the conference.  

Next Steps 

The next steps are to develop more resources to go to local primary school, parent groups and business as well as work within the Marsh Academy to share their knowledge and offer advice to students, parents and community members. 

Press release from South Kent Mind 

How to access support at The Hub


Students can come along to the Hub before and after school, and at break and lunch if they would like to talk to one of our Safeguarding Team.

Concern Box

There is a concern box outside of the Hub for students to fill in a form if they would rather not talk to someone in person.


Students can email the Hub for support by contacting


For further information, please see our Mental Health Framework for more details.

Mental Health Framework


Parents / Carers

Mental health handbook

If you wish to seek support on your child’s behalf, please email our Hub email address on the link below.

Please include your child’s full name and year group and provide us with some details about why you are looking for support so we can work out the best steps moving forward for your child.

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