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The Marsh Academy

Curriculum Vision

“Academic excellence, educational equity, and fairness demand a strong foundation of knowledge for all learners.” – E.D Hirsch

Our philosophy is that each student, whatever their background, is entitled to a curriculum that is ambitious, knowledge-rich, and prepares them for life’s opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to enable each individual to achieve their potential through stimulating and challenging pathways and by carefully monitoring each student’s social and academic progress.


Our curriculum is:

  • ambitious and knowledge-rich
  • exceptionally well-planned, sequenced, and resourced
  • excellent in its use of assessment to inform teaching and to support learning
  • manageable for teachers and supportive of their workload and wellbeing

Our curriculum is underpinned by the following principles:

  1. Aspiration – staff know what students are capable of achieving and have the highest expectations of them, at all times.
  2. Challenge – students are required to think, their learning is effortful and promotes resilience and perseverance.
  3. Excellence – students are required to aim for excellence in all areas of the curriculum and their successes are celebrated.

Curriculum Aims

The Curriculum should:

  • provide a broad and balanced education for all students
  • meet the individual needs of each student to ensure that they make exceptional progress
  • encourage students’ creativity, inquiry, and thirst for knowledge
  • develop deep interests, knowledge, and skills that will encourage students to become lifelong learners
  • raise standards of attainment enabling all students to pursue their dreams
  • prepare students for the opportunities and experiences of adult life
  • promote expected behaviours of respect, hard work, independence, resilience, and perseverance
  • develop a strong set of values, attitudes, and beliefs
  • create responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society

Approach to Learning

We are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning and we are relentless in our desire to continually improve standards and provide our students with the best possible education. Our curriculum is a crucial part of our delivery of an excellent education to all of our students, instilling within them a life-long appreciation of learning.