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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe will I be?

We’ve made great efforts to make the leisure centre safe for everyone to use. We have extended our gym into the exercise studio and all our classes will take place in the sports hall. This has enabled us to create lots and lots of space for our customers. Machines have been repositioned so you will not be facing each other while exercising and there is plenty of room to move safely between them. Staff will be carrying out extra cleaning throughout and all customers are asked to wipe equipment down before and after each use. We’ve increased the number of sanitising stations in all areas and provided lots of opportunities for handwashing. Social-distancing measures are in place throughout the facility – Please support our efforts, and help keep our community safe, by following the rules.

Click below to watch a video which will give you a better idea of what we’ve done:

Are the opening hours changing?

Yes. We will be closed for two additional hours each weekday to allow us to deep clean the facility for you. We’ve timed this to coincide with our quietest times to minimise disruption to you.  Please make a note of our new hours:

Monday to Friday:

06.30 – 13.30  - then closed for one hour until

14.30 – 21.00 - closed one hour earlier than normal


08.00 – 17.00 - closed one hour earlier than normal

Will I have to book to use the gym?

No. We’re confident that the measures we have put in place mean that booking will not be needed. We will, however, monitor user numbers and continually reassess this for you.

Is there a new group-exercise timetable?

We can pretty much offer you our full range of exercise classes. The new timetable can be found on our website. Most of our hour-long classes will be reduced to 45 minutes to allow for extra cleaning and to avoid a cross-over of people between classes. But don’t worry – You can work extra hard in that time to make up for it!

Will class numbers be limited?

No. We have plenty of room in the sports hall to accommodate previous class numbers, while easily exceeding current social-distancing guidelines.

When can I book classes?

We’re open for telephone bookings from 8 am each day. Fitness members can book a week ahead, Centre members four days and non-members forty-eight hours in advance. Fitness members can also book via email or Facebook.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Government guidance recommends not using a mask during exercise unless advised otherwise by a health professional. The use of masks is not mandatory, but you can wear one at your discretion.

Are the changing rooms available?

Unfortunately not. Government guidance says that the use of changing rooms and showers should be avoided wherever possible. We encourage everyone to arrive at the facility in sports kit and to travel home to change/shower. Lockers are also unavailable and it will not be possible to bring bags into the gyms. We do appreciate that this is going to be inconvenient for some of you and we will keep this under constant review. Once things have settled down a bit, we will try to resolve things.

Anyone with disabilities or special needs should notify us of any specific requirements and we will do our utmost to facilitate these.

Will the toilets be available?

Yes. Social-distancing guidelines will need to be followed.

Is the sunbed available?

Yes. The sunbed will be fully sanitised in between bookings

Will the relaxation suite be in use?

Sadly not. Government guidance stipulates that saunas and steam rooms should stay out of use at the moment, as the risk of transmission is unclear.

Can I train with a partner?

We need you to follow current guidance regarding indoor contact amongst households and social bubbles:


In addition to this, we will restrict close training indoors to groups of no more than two people. Again, you need to ensure that that your training partner qualifies under current regulations. Everybody using the facility will need to sign in at reception.


Direct Debits will start again from August 1st. Anyone who paid for a year in advance will have the period of closure credited to their memberships.

We will be in touch again next week with some more information and a video, so you can see everything we’ve put in place ahead of opening. If you have any queries at all, please email us at leisure@marshacademy.org.uk. Any members who would like a private tour of the facilities ahead of July 27th can get in touch and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment to show you around.

How do I pay?

Card payments only. Please use contactless if at all possible

Is there a one-way system?

We’ve designed the layouts so that there is plenty of space throughout the facility without needing a one-way system. However, the stairwell located off the reception area will be for going up to the first floor only and the rear stairwell is for coming back down.

What about sports?

We’re working alongside the various governing bodies, hirers, and clubs to bring back sports and activities of all kinds as soon as it is safe and practicable to do so. Hopefully, you will have already heard from us, but please drop us an email if you have any specific queries.

Can spectators wait in the building?

Unfortunately not. Government guidance advises prohibiting spectators until further notice, in order to maintain maximum space for all users of the facilities. Anybody not engaged in activities will need to wait outside or in their cars.

How will we support track and trace?

Everyone using our facilities is required to sign in. We are asking all our members to update their contact details and, if you have not already done so, could you please complete a quick form which can be found here: https://forms.gle/dLuBjt8YCyyRQRnK8

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