Alternative Provision

For a small number of KS3 and KS4 students for whom mainstream education is not appropriate, either in the short or longer term, an alternative curriculum in our on-site Base provision and off-site Alternative Provision is provided.

The Base is located on-site within our MACH building and provides individualised support delivered by well trained staff, who work with students daily to ensure they can be successful in accessing the full curriculum in mainstream lessons. Students also benefit from targeted intervention with a focus on nurture, emotional regulation, and personal development. The purpose of this programme is to proactively support students with developing their emotional literacy and social skills that will enable them to thrive and be successful in the classroom and beyond.

Marsh Academy Alternative Provision (MAAP) is located off-site and provides a full curriculum for KS3 and KS4 students. At KS4 students can study the full range of GCSE and BTEC subjects, and participate in targeted interventions aimed to develop wellbeing, taking responsibility, and making good choices. At KS3 students follow a bespoke curriculum with a focus on literacy and numeracy. Project Based Learning has also been introduced to the KS3 Alternative Curriculum to support students to develop into well rounded learners and prepare for the future.

The goal is that students will be reintegrated partly or fully into our mainstream setting, or where this is not appropriate, that they will still go on to succeed in their exams and beyond Year 11. Daily lessons are delivered by qualified teaching staff, and students receive weekly work skills interventions. For some students this may include opportunities for work experience.

All students accessing the Base and the MAAP remain students of The Marsh Academy and we work closely across sites to maintain our fully inclusive ethos and to ensure the best outcomes for all.

For more details on the curriculum offer please contact Mrs Dampier.