Monday 18.30 - 19.30


Bounce is a safe, effective and fun, low impact workout performed on a small trampoline, designed to absorb impact and be kind on your joints.

It’s a full body workout that burns fat, strengthens and tones the core, legs and upper body. It can also help to improve lymphatic drainage and boost the immune system.

The workouts are safe and suitable for all abilities, needs and health/fitness goals.

Benefits of Bounce include:

Great for body fat loss - lose weight having fun

  • 68% more effective than jogging
  • Low impact so less stress on heart, joints and muscles
  • Increased circulation on lymphatic drainage
  • Improved motor skills -balance and coordination
  • Improved tone all over the body
  • Great stress relief
  • Everyone can do it, it's suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels