Tuesday 17.00 - 17.45


Pilates is a popular body conditioning workout that operates in a different way to many other gym classes and is suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities.

Working by building the strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into the correct alignment, Pilates helps to reshape your body giving it a leaner more toned look. It will also improve your posture, achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Regular participation to a Pilates class can help relieve unwanted stress and tension. It's slow, controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results and it is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems.

The benefits of Pilates include:

• Obtaining greater strength and muscle tone

• More efficient respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems

• Better posture and core strength

• A flatter stomach and trimmer waist line

• Improved mobility and flexibility

• Less incidence of back pain