Taking A Levels can be a big step up from GCSE. Our teachers ensure that students are supported in the process of becoming independent learners. Preparatory summer tasks are encouraged so that students are engaged and ready for the courses ahead. We also have a strong induction programme so students can focus on developing research and revision skills before their courses begin. We offer a wide ranging choice of subjects; this gives our students the chance to follow their passions and interests to a high level. The courses we offer allow students to focus in a faculty area and develop expertise in specific fields for example Humanities offers over five different courses to A Level. Alternatively, our curriculum allows students diversity by enabling students to choose a range of courses from different faculty disciplines. Our 100% pass rate from 2013 typifies our high standards across all curriculum areas. In addition, over a third of our students were successful applicants to university. Again, this demonstrates the high academic aspirations we hold for our students.