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What is the Intent of the Physical Education Curriculum?

Across the PE Department at Marsh Academy, we are incredibly passionate about the impact conceptual learning can have on our students through their participation in Physical Education lessons.  The intent of our curriculum is to equip all students with the fundamental physical literacy and knowledge and understanding needed to become lifelong participants in physical activity/sport.  We aim to not only develop the obvious physical skills and knowledge and understanding of health and fitness, but also the transferrable skills such as teamwork and leadership. Our curriculum is progressive in nature enabling students to acquire the knowledge and skills in order to create versatile, confident and competent individuals as well as providing opportunities for students who wish to excel. We will ensure that the curriculum provides opportunities to compete in sport and additional activities to embed values such as teamwork, determination and respect.  Our curriculum emphasises ‘big ideas’ that span multiple subject areas or disciplines. Our conceptual approach offers an alternative to the traditional sport and skills-based approach to PE curriculum design and delivery. The sport and physical activity, therefore, become the vehicle through which the concept is delivered, alongside subject-specific knowledge and understanding. By shifting the focus of the curriculum and the success criteria of each lesson, we are doing much more than getting students active, we are teaching life skills and improving the experiences within PE for every child.

In Year 7 students will focus on personal development which will help to build a connection with PE, through a ‘Value of PE’ unit, understanding the important part PE can play in their life now and in the future. Units in Resilience, Self-Worth and Inter-Personal Skills will also provide students with knowledge and tools to prepare them for life through PE.

In Year 8 the focus will shift to Health and Wellbeing and students will gain an understanding of the key terms related to Mental, Physical and Social Health. Students will also understand the positive connection between PE and these aspects of health whilst gaining tools for maintaining them. The Diet and Nutrition unit will also enable students to make informed decisions about what they consume and the impact it might have on their PE lessons, academic performance and long-term health.

In Year 9 leadership skills will become the focus. Students will experience the true power of sport and physical activity when it comes to developing their leadership skills. Units of work include Attitudes and Behaviours of a Leader, Effective Teams, Self-reflection, and Power of Positivity, which will support students to understand their own leadership qualities and experience what makes an effective leader.

In Year 10, Aspirations and Employability become the focus. Through sport and physical activity, students will prepare for the world of work and their future careers. Employability, Fulfilling Potential, Emotional Intelligence and, Redefining Competition units will challenge students to demonstrate and self-reflect on their own strengths whilst also identifying and improving their areas of development truly preparing them for life after school.

In Year 11 Mental Health & Managing Pressure becomes the focus. Students will acquire a deeper understanding of mental health and stress. They will connect this knowledge to their PE lessons and transfer the management tools gained to other areas of their lives. Through the  Value of Physical Activity unit students will embed their understanding of the long-term impact physical activity has on their lives to support life-long participation and the ongoing journey to nurture physical literacy.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Key Stage 5 (Post-16)