Alternative Curriculum

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For a small number of KS3 and KS4 students for whom mainstream education is not appropriate, either in the short or medium term, an alternative curriculum in our on-site and off-site Turnaround Centres is provided.

TAC3 is located on-site within our MACH building and provides an individualised KS3 program of study aimed at reintegrating students back into full time mainstream lessons as swiftly as appropriate. The times of the day vary to the rest of the school and students may be on a reduced time-table for a period of time to allow them to succeed at targeted interventions before reintegration back into mainstream lessons as and when appropriate. There is a core team of well trained staff working daily with TAC3 students as well as subject specialists who deliver curriculum lessons throughout the week.
TAC4 is located off-site and provides a full curriculum for KS4 students. Students study the full range of GCSE and BTEC subjects, and participate in targeted interventions aimed to develop wellbeing, taking responsibility and making good choices. The goal is that students will be reintegrated partly or fully into our mainstream setting, or where this is not appropriate, that they will still go on to succeed in their exams and post Year 11. Daily lessons are delivered by qualified teaching staff, and students receive weekly Work Skills sessions. For some students this includes opportunities for work experience.
All pupils at our Turnaround Centres remain students of The Marsh Academy and we work closely across sites to maintain our fully inclusive ethos and to ensure the best outcomes for all.

For more details on the curriculum offer please contact Mr Cartwright.