Post 16 Next Steps Programme

Next Friday, 28th May, marks the end of you following your normal Academy timetable; syllabuses have been taught, courses have been completed and formal teaching will be drawn to a close at 3pm. Although nothing about this process has been what we could define as ‘normal’, we do hope you can seek solace in all that you have learnt and achieved throughout your time at the Academy. I am in awe of your resilience, dedication, and sheer determination to succeed, despite the many challenges you have faced along the way.

With next steps in mind, we have produced a set of resources to help you make the most of your time now until you return to sixth form and/or college. You will have already chosen the subjects you wish to study at Post-16 and the resources we have compiled will allow you to explore these subjects further.  These have been categorised into Pathways (Sixth Form/College) and then subject folders and will be available on our Website (Post 16, Next Steps Programme) and Satchel One from Tuesday 25th May. Each Subject Folder will contain a variety of educational resources and summer tasks for you to complete. In addition, there are Progression Grids which include free online tutorials, documentaries, podcasts and even Open University courses for which you will receive accreditation upon completion.

Please see below some examples of what you should expect to find within the Subject Folders:

  • Set Tasks – these include pre-reading, essays and practical activities to prepare you for the syllabuses you will be taught.
  • MOOCs – these are Massive Open Online Courses written by the world’s top universities and organisations. These MOOCs are free of charge and, on average, take 2-3 hours per week over 4-6 weeks. MOOCs are an excellent addition to any application form or CV as they give a chance to fully explore a subject or area a student is interested in.
  • Podcasts/Radio programmes – links are given to radio broadcasts or podcasts for students to listen to at their leisure. They can hear from world-renowned experts in their fields.
  • Articles – these short articles, written by academic experts, are to help spark your child’s wider reading and interest around their chosen subjects.
  • TED Talks – these talks are a maximum of 18 minutes and a chance to hear different takes on subject areas and pose questions never thought of before.

Timeline/Suggested Approach

Week 1 - Project Futures Week – This week will focus on career-related activities, you will have the opportunity to build your own CV, explore your personality type along with the skills, qualities, and qualifications you will need for a range of different careers. You will also have the opportunity to explore apprenticeships, university courses, and employment through a variety of activities and resources.

Weeks 2 and 3 - Subject Exploration – During these weeks you should focus on completing the subject specific tasks and activities set. If you are returning to Sixth Form and would like feedback on the work you complete, you are welcome to submit it on Friday 25th June, alternatively you can hand in your completed work on your return in September.

Friday 25th June onwards – Whilst completion of tasks is not compulsory during this time (it is your summer holidays after all), we encourage you to keep your brains ticking over and take a real interest in the subjects/pathway you have chosen. Any work completed over the summer break will help prepare you for Post-16 study in September.

Week 1 Projector Futures Planning

Next Steps Subject Progression

To College


My Learning My Future Date  
ART DESIGN 24th May 2021 Download
BIOLOGY 24th May 2021 Download
BUSINESS STUDIES 24th May 2021 Download
CHEMISTRY 24th May 2021 Download
COMPUTER SCIENCE AND IT 24th May 2021 Download
DESIGN TECHNOLOGY 24th May 2021 Download
DRAMA 24th May 2021 Download
ENGLISH 24th May 2021 Download
FOOD AND NUTRITION 24th May 2021 Download
GEOGRAPHY 24th May 2021 Download
GRAPHICS 24th May 2021 Download
HAIR AND BEAUTY 24th May 2021 Download
HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE 24th May 2021 Download
HISTORY 24th May 2021 Download
MATHS 24th May 2021 Download
MEDIA STUDIES 24th May 2021 Download
MUSIC 24th May 2021 Download
PE 24th May 2021 Download
PHYSICS 24th May 2021 Download
PRODUCT DESIGN 24th May 2021 Download
PSYCHOLOGY 24th May 2021 Download
RELIGIOUS STUDIES 24th May 2021 Download
SCIENCE 24th May 2021 Download
SOCIOLOGY 24th May 2021 Download
TEXTILES 24th May 2021 Download