Dress Code

Post 16 students must wear business dress whilst at the Marsh Academy.

This means wearing ‘suit type’ or ‘tailored’ trousers.  Students have the option of wearing a formal dress or knee length skirt.  These items must be accompanied by a business style blouse or a collared shirt with tie. All students should wear a blazer or suit jacket. 

Acceptable footwear is formal, leather shoes. Body piercings and tattoos must be discreet i.e. covered up.

For clarity, the following items are not acceptable:

·         Large logos on clothing

·         Jeans

·         Shorts- unless that are knee length, tailored trouser style in sober colours

·         Leggings

·         Sundresses

·         Hoodies

·         Hats

·         Trainers

·         Flip-flops


Sports Academies

Post 16 students who are part of the Football Academy or the Rugby Academy are permitted to wear their official branded tracksuits instead of business dress.