Dress Code

Post 16 students must wear business dress whilst at the Marsh Academy.

This means wearing ‘suit type’ or ‘tailored’ trousers.  Students have the option of wearing a formal dress or knee-length skirt.  These items must be accompanied by a business-style blouse or a collared shirt. All students must wear a blazer or suit jacket but ties are optional. 

Acceptable footwear is formal, leather shoes. Body piercings and tattoos must be discreet i.e. covered up.

For clarity, the following items are not acceptable:

·         Large logos on clothing

·         Jeans

·         Shorts- unless that are knee length, tailored trouser style in sober colours

·         Leggings

·         Sundresses

·         Sweatshirts

·         Hoodies

·         Hats

·         Trainers

·         Flip-flops


Sports Academies

Post 16 students who are part of the Football Academy or the Rugby Academy are permitted to wear their official branded tracksuits instead of business dress.