GCSE Results Day August 2019

Featured News / 22nd August 2019 - The Marsh Academy

The atmosphere at The Marsh Academy GCSE Results Day was possibly the best the academy has seen, with tears of joy and smiling faces in abundance. Students were clearly delighted with their results, but how happy they were for each other was a testament to the culture within the school, clearly demonstrated by how many teachers were just as pleased for the students’ results as the students themselves.   

Millie Keeler achieved ten GCSEs including a Combined Science grade 9-8.  Millie stated “I have really enjoyed my time at school. I am very proud of my results and am looking forward to coming back to 6th Form.”


Leo Flanagan was “extremely happy with my GCSE results, especially my Maths and Computer Science, in which I achieved grade 8s. I cannot wait to study my A-levels at the Marsh Academy”    


Csilla Mocsonoky achieved a host of grade 5s and 6s. “I really enjoyed my time throughout the school and I thank all the teachers who have helped me and have been amazing. I am really proud of my results and I am looking forward to coming back to Post 16.”


Zac Field, whose grades included four grade 7s and a Distinction, was delighted with his results: “I am very happy with my results. I had a really fun time at the school and I am pleased I am staying for Post 16.”


Owen Pennington achieved ten grades, six of them at grade 7 or Higher, including a grade 8 in Maths. “Although they were quite stressful, I’m finally through my GCSEs and I’ve learned a lot! I’m really happy with how I’ve done thanks to great teachers and look forward to spending more learning time with them in my A-levels”


Principal, Shaun Simmons commented: “Although indications are that our GCSE results are stronger than last year, today is about the success of individual children. There were many happy faces at school on Thursday and the success of those students are why our staff work so hard to support them. We are immensely proud of those who achieved grade 8s and 9s, the level of academic rigour to achieve this is impressive. We are just as pleased for those students who managed to get the grade 4 or 5 that opens the door to their Post 16 studies, over half of our students achieved at least a 4 in English and over half achieved at least a 4 in Maths. We are perhaps most proud, of those students who faced real challenges during their time at school and through hard work and determination still managed to pass GCSE and Vocational courses.”