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What is the Intent of the Art and Technology Curriculum?

In Art and Technology our curriculum intent is to ensure students at the Marsh Academy get a wide range of creative experiences; learning skills, techniques, and knowledge that they can take with them for life. One of the reasons we partnered up with the Arts Council, England to participate in Artsmark is to embrace the chances for young people to focus on developing cultural awareness and cross curricular links, making the Art and Design education a truly valuable part of their experience in Secondary Education.

With our curriculum model we believe we have the right balance of skills-based learning, knowledge and progression that links to our curriculum and a range of other subject areas, making it relevant and engaging. An area of focus for us is developing young people to become more independent, following this sequential curriculum plan for each year group it will allow for a different level of independence at each stage, therefore adequately preparing students to understand what extent of personal response is expected of them when they enter GCSE and A-Level. Additionally, when students have rich knowledge and foundational skills we plan for, they will be able to present and respond to given themes in Art and Technology with confidence.

The Art and Technology department currently use the AQA A-Level and GCSE Art and Design Specification for GCSE and A-Level

Key Stage 5

The courses we offer for KS5 are designed to allow students to focus on specific disciplines in Art and Design that have been identified as a strength during their GCSE study:

  • A-Level Photography
  • A-Level Art, Craft and Design with four pathways:
    • Fine Art
    • Design Art
    • Textiles Art
    • Graphic Communication

Key Stage 4

The offer for KS4 is intended to enable students to gain a wider knowledge and skills base in the world of Art and Design, to explore the many disciplines and opportunities that lead to outcomes, eventually this will enable students to lead their own personal projects based on their skills:

  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Art, Craft and Design with two pathways:
    • Fine Art or
    • Design Art

Key Stage 3

Our KS3 curriculum offer is designed to adequately prepare students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in whichever pathway they choose. In addition, the curriculum enlightens students to the huge possibilities within Art and Design as well as the historical and cultural influences that have been involved in the continually developing world of Art and Technology.

In Year 9 we focus on common Art and Design themes and disciplines in preparation for GCSE:

  • Portraiture (Fine Art)
  • Still Life (Photography)
  • Landscape (Design Art)

In Year 8 we focus on three key Art and Design Movements from late 19th - 20th Century, to build knowledge and context around the influences and history of Art and Design. Students’ will also develop core skills and experiment with a range of materials:

  • Impressionism 1865 – 1885
  • Cubism 1907 – 1914
  • Steampunk 1840 -1910

In Year 7 we focus on the cultural influences within Art and Design as well as developing core skills and experimenting with a range of materials. Key attention here is drawn to cross-curricular opportunities, such as Geography, History, RE and Literacy. Students will be able to make links across the curriculum but also understand how Art and Design has been influenced by the surroundings.

  • The Art of India
  • Contemporary British Art and Design
  • Aboriginal Design

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9)

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Key Stage 5 (Post-16)