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Revision 2019

Parents and students often ask ‘how do I revise?’, hopefully this information will help you understand the process of revision and give you plenty of ideas to support your preparation towards exams.

Research suggests that good revision:

should be ‘chunked’ into 10 to 30 minutes (spending hours revising isn’t good for your brain and you won’t retain the information you are studying);

should be planned out (use your revision planner);

should start early (your brain hates last minute cramming – too much information at once will make you forget);

should be varied (mix your subjects/topics, don’t spend too long doing one thing);

should be interactive and involve different media and colours (your brain remembers information when you actually do something with the information – reading and copying out notes isn’t enough!).

To the side are some helpful resources to help get you going…if you get stuck ask your teachers for help!!


Revision Graphics

Biology Papers

Chemistry Papers

English Language Papers

Maths Resources

Maths Command Words

Maths Useful Websites & Resources Maths Useful

Maths Revision Day Resources & Answers

Maths Websites & Resources

Music Revision

Physics Papers

Year 10 NCFE Revision

GCSE Maths Unseen Questions

Maths Pinpoint Revision Documents

Predicted Foundation Paper

Predicted Higher Paper

Unseen Topics for Paper3

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